Wednesday, September 30, 2009

show time

I just returned from hanging my upcoming show at The Barn Swallow. Many long days have been spent in preparation and I still feel rushed, not quite done, and nervous. The show is called leaves and layers, and features art quilts, textile collages, and other wall hangings (some samples shown here). It will be up throughout the month of October and is in my favorite venue – an old barn just west of Charlottesville that is converted into a beautiful store and gallery. There is an artist reception on October 10, from 2 - 4 pm. I hope you will join me if you are in the area. I wish that all of you who live far, far away could share the fun as well...

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

flower power

Photos courtesy of Bornay © Bornay

Through the beautiful blog world I have discovered two remarkable floral designers. Both of them have their own distinct style, with simplistic design and striking color combinations as a common theme.

Fàtima, and her design company Bornay creates scrumptious arrangements and event concepts in Barcelona, Spain. The images she uses to promote her work, as sampled above, are equally delicious. They make me want to grab her bouquets by the armful and linger in their freshness and earthy scent. Unfortunately that is not possible for most of us, so I suggest following Fàtima's artistic endeavors through her blog.

Denise Fasanello is a floral designer from Brooklyn, New York, who specializes in wedding arrangements with a modern twist, beautifully illustrated below. Simplicity and unusual plant materials signifies her work. I would love to surround myself with her stylish compositions as well... Denise also has a wonderful blog, where she shares samples of her work mixded with her inspirations, finds, and musings.

Thank you Fàtima and Denise for brightening my life from afar...

Photos courtesy of Denise Fasanello © Denise Fasanello

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

art promotion

I had promised myself not to delve into another heavy topic, but after talking with my friend Monika over at splendid willow recently, I began to reflect on promotion and marketing. Or in my case the lack thereof. I readily admit that self promotion is the hardest part of being an independent artist (and business owner).

To my own ears, I just don't sound sincere when telling someone about my talent, skills, and general goodness. I am a little better at the behind-the-scenes stuff like maintaining an email list, sending out newsletters, and promoting events, but only to a small degree. I still have a hard time imposing my work and wares on other people. It seems like there must be a better, more organized, and less intrusive way of handling promotion through new media. Maybe not.
I am not spying, prying, or looking to steal your creative marketing ideas, but I would love to hear your thoughts on the subject. If you are interested I'll be glad to share more of mine in future posts.

Speaking of self promotion, inleaf now has a page on facebook and I would love for you to become fans. It is not my intention to duplicate the blog over there. Instead I envision the facebook page to be a place where I will feature new work and publicize shows and other events. No pressure to join though – I know that the world is divided about "social networking" and its merits.

Friday, September 11, 2009


I recall how blue the sky was that day. No clouds in sight. A pristine and beautiful morning, overshadowed by the disbelief and sorrow that followed. My heart still aches. I grieve for the victims, their families, and friends, but also for how this act of violence altered all of us. How it instilled fear and suspicion. How it reduced our tolerance. How it changed our country.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

fall pillows

The weather is getting cooler in my part of the world. I am always looking forward to fall, with its crisp air and beautiful colors. The next few months will be busy in the inleaf studio. I have three big events lined up, starting with a solo show at the Barn Swallow in October. More details will be posted shortly. In the meantime new work is gradually listed in the inleaf shop. The seedpods + seams pillow is now available in natural linen and dark brown, as well as the original sea foam blue. I love the texture of the linen used for this pillow and the way the pin tuck seams mirrors the stems of the seedpods.

A warm thank you to Sandra of Pepperberry & Co who posted a long interview with me today. There is a giveaway as well, so I encourage you to head over for a visit.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

self revelations

I was tagged by sweet Ms. Molly with the honest scrap award. Here are the rules:

I should share 10 true things about myself, pass the award on to 10 other bloggers, let them know about it, and they link back to me when accepted.

Here are the truths:

1. I hate to have my picture taken. I tried to do some self portraits this morning, since I need a headshot for an upcoming show. Obviously I could not even get my whole face into the frame and it felt surreal to sit there in my empty house staring at the lens. I don't like photos even if there is a real person behind the camera.

2. I cry at the drop of a hat – when watching old movies, listening to the radio, or reading blogs, especially if the story involves dogs, lost love, or small children. My boys are used to my sobbing. They just shake their heads. I hope it means I have a big heart.

3. Old fashioned bicycles bring me joy. They are pieces of art and I am lucky enough to have one myself.

4. I like things simple, neat, and clean, but my house is almost always a mess. Tidying up is time consuming, and there are so many other things I rather do.

5. I love soccer, especially watching my kids play. For some parents the soccer circuit is a chore, but I am always ready to go. And if the boys don't play I'll watch our college team (go cavaliers), or an occasional MLS game if I can find it on the tube.

6. My studio holds more fabric stacks than I will ever be able to use. Sometimes I don't want them to be used. They are my treasure trove.

7. I collect craft books. Other people's creativity is inspirational and I am always eager to learn about new printing methods or sewing techniques. Secretly I wish I could write a craft book.

8. I get up at 5 every other morning to run with my girlfriends Amoret, Lynn, and Virginia. It is the best time for relaxation, gossiping, and political discussions.

9. Mystery novels are my favorite reading materials, preferably substantial ones with lots of intricate details, and intriguing personalities. I love authors like Henning Mankell, Johan Theorin, Elizabeth George, and Maj Sjöwall/Per Wahlöö.

10. The first thing I read in the Sunday edition of Washintong Post is date lab, the blind date story facilitated by the paper. It makes me happy when it works out.

And my honest scrap award goes to:

Run with it if you like, but no pressure if you dont. You will always be on my blog roll whether you spill your secrets or not.
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