Tuesday, September 25, 2012


My love story with pecan leaves continues. Clamped and bundled with a variety of fabrics and papers, these graceful leaves never cease to amaze me. This time I will let the pictures tell the story – and as always divulging what's within is the most magical part of the tale.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


A series of small mishaps set me off course this week. I planned to apply for a couple of big events, with rapidly approaching deadlines, and worked diligently to make it all come together. Unexpected, last minute issues with two of the pieces, made me realize that it was impossible to finish the work, and have it photographed before the deadline.

Once the frustration died down, I took a big breath and started thinking about my goals, ambitions, and expectations on a larger scale. And my conclusion is that I need to slow things down rather that speed things up. My youngest son is a high school junior and I want to be there for his soccer games, music performances, and soon to start college searches. I want to see my friends more often, and spend an afternoon now and then with my husband. I want more time to care for for my garden and my house.

I love my work. I can't imagine life without textiles, stitching, and making. But I am the first to admit that more often than not, it becomes all-consuming. I think that is what defines an artist - the constant drive for perfection and the unwillingness to stop or take a break.

So the stress and turbulence of this week have a happy ending. Instead of fretting over my show applications, I am cleaning and organizing the studio while listening to music, and enjoying the sunshine outside my window. Tomorrow I will work on new books, and in the next few days I will return to the pesky quilts that made it all grind to a halt.

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