Monday, September 29, 2008

pure bliss

My wonderful blogger friend Mrs. French recently opened her shop blissfulimages on etsy where her magical photographic prints are available for sale. All of you who visit her inspiring blog bliss  are already familiar with her amazing images. They capture mystical light, subtle reflections, and glimmers of muted colors. They also evoke a peaceful sense of being in the moment. The photograph above, skeletons, will be mine. I am clearing a spot in my studio where it will hang as a source of inspiration and as a symbol of artistic beauty and friendship. 

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

new things

I have added a few new things to the etsy shop, more to come soon I hope... Things are busy around here, busy in a good way. Boys are happy with school, soccer, and music. I have several fun projects in the works, and  cooler weather has arrived which means plenty of garden chores. 

Thank you Tyler for your nice post about my work. You are so sweet.

Friday, September 19, 2008

american citizen

This morning I was sworn in as a naturalized American citizen at the federal court house in downtown Charlottesville. After living in this beautiful country for 20 years I am so proud and happy to finally call myself an American. I am especially eager to participate in the political process, and the first thing I did as a new citizen was to register to vote. Now I will truly have a chance to help change our country and our future.

Friday, September 12, 2008


Periwinklebloom is one of my favorite blogs. I love the way Tyler writes about simple but wondrous things in life while stressing the importance of caring for the world we live in, and each other. Now she has launched an online shop where she sells her beautiful eco-friendly, locally made children's wares. The clothing is exquisite and the site photography, by Greg Rannells, is breath taking.
Many of us grownups wish that some of these garments were available in different sizes, like a maybe a 10... But for now, if you have a toddler somewhere in your midst, I recommend scooping up some of these goodies. A letter press paper line is in the works as well. I can't wait to see this endeavor take off and flourish. 

Sunday, September 7, 2008

garden sunday

I spent most of my sunday in the garden. Few things makes me happier. By this time of year our garden is like a jungle. Due to my neglect, a few hurricane related rainstorms, and our southern heat and humidity things grow rampantly. So today was spent cleaning up and unveiling hidden treasures under layers of bind weed, grape vines, grasses, and bitter sweet... The asian pears are ready for picking. They are best sliced up in an arugula salad with crumbled blue cheese, or poached in red wine and served with whipped cream.

The garlic chive is taking over my herb garden. It really is a weed, but I love it in bloom, and the leaves are mighty tasty as salad toppings.

Butterflies, moths, and bumble bees are all flocking to the sedums and the chives. Nature in full force.

The fall crocuses are in bloom. They pop up from nowhere and these have the most delicious shade of lavender pink.

I did clean out our garden shed and its surroundings. It doesn't look like much but I am not showing the before pictures on purpose. It is very satisfying to sort out a mess and get things nice and orderly. The shed is lovingly called "Mona's annex", since my lovely husband jokingly threatens to house my mother there whenever she comes to visit. It is made from salvaged materials left over from our house renovation projects. The doors are from our old pantry, the window was once the only natural light source in our kitchen, and the wobbly landing is made from bricks discovered and dug up throughout our yard. I love living in a place with a past... 

Friday, September 5, 2008


Thank you to Colleen at dizzydezign, for honoring me with the "your cover's blown" blog award. I am flattered and it also made me discover dizzydezign's blog about her fantastic work and life in beautiful Hermanus, South Africa! 

I would love to pass this award on. According to the "your cover's blown" rules I must name a few bloggers who then can continue sending the love by 1. awarding other bloggers on their blog and 2. linking back to this blog in the process.

So here we go. Here are a few of my current favorites:
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