Tuesday, January 22, 2008

carrie's bag

My friend Carrie's messenger bag is finally finished. We started this project last summer discussing fabric, leaves, design, and hardware options, still it was not until this past weekend she had the bag in her hands. That is an unusually long production time...

So I am a procrastinator, but not for the common reasons such as laziness and distractions. Yes, pressing deadlines, holiday rushes, and other urgent things happened, but the main cause for the delay was the unspoken worry that it would not turn out as perfect as I envisioned. 

I am delighted with the bag and so is Carrie. I loved the every minute of the process – creating something special for someone who is special to me. But next time I take on a custom assignment I promise to work harder to fight off the fear of imperfection.


  1. This is a beautiful bag Lotta!

    Imperfections make the handmade unique- they become muted once you appreciate the craft and detail.

    What are the overall dimensions?

    Do you plan on making more?

  2. Thank you for your encouraging note. I really appreciate the thoughtfulness. The bag is roughly 10 x 10 x 2 with an adjustable strap, from what I remember. No new bags are in the works right now, I'm waiting for fresh leaves and inspiration...


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