Monday, February 4, 2008

pillows in the works

Happy Monday! This week started out as a blank slate. No orders to ship, few deadlines on the horizon, and the studio is fairly orderly. I will spend this week making pillows. I have stacks of printed fabric just waiting to be assembled. Most of them are new designs that I look forward to see take form. The viburnum branches shown here will become long lumbar patchwork pillows, with vintage ribbon details, and contrasting backs. I also have a pile of linen strips printed with japanese maple leaves that will be appliqued onto beautiful coarse linen, and then made into pillows in a couple of different sizes. A sample of the smaller size, 16" x 12", is shown below. Pillows are my favorite objects. They are small in scale, relatively quick to sew, and can be quite expressive. When finished they become movable pieces of art that truly can enhance any environment.   

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  1. Lovely work! Fresh, elegant and simple. I just saw your new shop on Etsy.


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