Sunday, July 6, 2008

random delights

Back in the ambitious days I thought I could do one post a week featuring a few of the many people, places, and objects that delight my heart. Reality caught up with me, and therefor my reoccurring collection of inspirations now have a new name; random delights. They may still happen weekly, but the pressure is off...

Washington based graphic designer Saima Says specializes in exquisite custom invitations for weddings, baby arrivals, and other joyous events. Her designs are modern, elegant, and playful, while reflecting the style and personality of the people the special celebration is for.
Surface designer, screen printer, and embroidery whiz alison tauber is one of my etsy favorites. Her reasonably priced objects are both pretty and functional and her designs are simple yet fun and colorful. Her etsy shop is always well stocked – I have been wearing this t-shirt all summer long. You can find her lovely fabric patterns and beautiful custom pillows on her website.

This freshly founded website is a destination that looks and feel unlike any other web retailer or blog. It is a place for stylish green shopping and beautiful design, but also for eco-friendly ideas, information, and sharing. You will find work from independent artists such as dovetail, studio 1am, and inleaf along  with well known brand names like eva solo, amenity, and thomas paul. The site also feature articles like the one about an organic school lunch project in Chicago, a new electric motorcycle, and do good resources.  


  1. These three are delightful posts to highlight! I'm so excited to do some more reading on these three artists/creators!

    How was your Fourth? I hope you had a relaxing weekend!


  2. These finds are lovely! Thanks for sharing them.

  3. Should be called "random perfection!" I am flipping out, loving everything here! thank you, thank you, thank you!

  4. Hi there Lotta, just found you via etsy and wanted to say how much I love your fabric designs and prints!

  5. what wonderful finds! I like the first item especially

  6. what a great site! i think i just found the dining chairs i was looking for...thank you!

  7. These are great finds - thanks for your comment.


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