Thursday, November 6, 2008

taubman museum of art

A new art museum is opening in Roanoke, Virginia, this weekend. Taubman museum of art is an architectural masterpiece as well as a transcending space for art in all forms. Among the inaugural exhibits are beaded handbags by Judith Leiber, Pens and Needles: Drawings for tattoos, and 17th century Florentine paintings. My work is represented in Taubman's museum shop, along with creations by other regional as well as national artists and designers. Plenty of festivities are planned for this weekend's opening celebration. Visit the museum website for schedules and more information.


  1. It's such an intensely cool building :) Thank you for showing us!

    Have a great weekend, Lotta~

  2. congratulations on the shop part. the place looks amazing!


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