Friday, December 26, 2008

it's a wonderful life

We watched my all time favorite movie this afternoon. George Bailey is so handsome, quirky, and sweet. Mary is kindness impersonated and just plain beautiful. There could not be a cuter angel than Clarence. Mean Mr. Potter never gets the punishment he deserves, and uncle Billy truly is a fool, but resentment and revenge should not be part of our human nature... I love it's a wonderful life. It makes me cry, and laugh, and then cry some more, much to my teenage sons' amusement. In the end it leaves me with a feeling of hope, goodness, and optimism. What a great way to gear up for a new year.  


  1. we watched it this year too! One of my favorites as well. I cried and laughed my way through it again :) There's such sweet hope in the end, even after I want to pull my hair out!

    I hope you have a wonderful NEW YEARS Lotta! Being able to befriend you this year has been one of my greatest blessings, thank you!

  2. we watch it every year (and sometimes in the middle of the year! i own the videotape...), i think everyone should see it at least once.


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