Friday, November 27, 2009


Miles from the nearest shopping mall, surrounded by loved ones and crisp cool air — we took a nice post thanksgiving family walk this morning at Sugar Hollow at the base of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Everyone had a chance to romp, splash, crash, and converse. So much to be thankful for...

patterns, and textures hiding everywhere

my lovely family

neither Freja the dog nor cousin Liam have time to touch the ground

branches, searching for images for a future project

sword fighting, the stick way


  1. looks like such a good time!!! we went to a park...but it was super super crowded....but still fun to be together
    happy weekend to you

  2. love these kind of family walk in the beautiful nature ... have a great week end !!

  3. How lovely. I could do with a day like that with a big family gang....might have to get one together. Glad you had a wonderful day.x

  4. I love the smile of a happy dog! I tried to email you but it came back. Thanks for your visit :-)

  5. your walk looks wonderful. crisp and energizing. glad you had a nice holiday, lotta. enjoy your weekend!

  6. Supremely wonderful how your family went for this long walk instead of the common activity that day. :) Beautiful!

  7. Great post and great photos. Looks like you had a beautiful, perfect holiday.



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