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india flint

Images courtesy of India Flint. All rights reserved.

Prophet of bloom, is the name of her couture clothing line. She calls her blog not all those who wander are lost. These names exemplifies the imagination, travel lust, and free spirit of Australian born fiber artist India Flint. She is the queen of color; both vivid and subtle, faded and stark, and sometimes beautifully muddy and murky, all derived from plants and other natural materials. Threading light on this earth, and only using what is necessary, is India Flint's guiding light and it is evident throughout the artistic process. Even her preferred mordants, the fixatives used to make the dyes bonds with the fibers, are from natural origins.

I recently got India's book eco colour and am intrigued by the possibilities her techniques bring using leaves and flowers from our own back yards. Most plants are fair game, although some are more reliable than others (and be ware of the poisonous ones). Besides mordants, factors like water quality and what kind of vessel used, will affect the final outcome of the dye bath. The book includes vast plant lists, as well as safety and care instructions. It does not provide many exact recipes, instead it encourages the readers to experiment on their own using the book as a guide, and to celebrate unexpected results.

Image courtesy of India Flint. All rights reserved.

For her own fashion line, India Flint has developed a technique called eco-printing where leaves are layered with mordanted cloth, and then bundled up and treated with moisture, heat, or just time, depending on the preferred outcome. The result is magical impressions left behind by the natural pigments in the plant.

Image courtesy of India Flint. All rights reserved.

India is sharing her knowledge by teaching classes all over the world. This summer she will give two week long workshops at Shakerag, in Sewanee, Tennessee. I am currently on the waiting list for the first class, and although I do not wish for any of the current participants to miss this wonderful opportunity, I am secretly hoping that a spot will open up. I would love to meet India Flint, learn from her, and experiment alongside her.

Image courtesy of India Flint. All rights reserved.


  1. dear Lotta

    thank you so much for these very kind words! i'm quite pink!
    best wishes

    ps there's space in a workshop in Toronto if you're quick...

  2. Lotta,
    I met India last year when we both were in Dorothy Caldwell's Master Class.
    Your post is lovely and captures her work beautifully. I hope a slot opens up for you.I am now enrolled in the 2nd week at Shakerag w/India.
    I cannot wait to go on windfall walks, and create deeply personal work. India is a pleasure to behold and has a thoroughly enjoyable sense of humor. (I hope she doesn't mind my gushing over her). I can go on and on...

  3. A lovely article Lotta.
    It is always a pleasure to see one's children's work appreciated.
    I for one, have appreciated India's presence since the day she was born.

  4. Oh, to be able to work with such gorgeous textiles. Truly beautiful! The colours are incredible. Thank you for sharing Lotta.

  5. Thank you for this link - the colours that India uses are gorgeous.

  6. Every word you wrote is true and besides from that she's a beautiful, lovely woman. I had a workshop with her in Belgium last year and since then i enjoy working and playing with her technics every day.

  7. Lotta,
    I came across your blog and happy to hear that you plan a visit to
    I also looked at the photo's on your garden blog.
    I too have a blog about Sewanee,
    and Gardening and our guest suite
    and cottage rental.

    We are just down the road from St. Andrews and will be part of St. Andrews Trails and Trilliums garden tour April 17th.

    Visit my blog , I think you will
    enjoy the pictures and be inspiried to bring your camera to Sewanee. If you bring your family, consider Red Oak Hollow as your Sewanee home away from home.

  8. i love india's work and always glad to see more about her.

  9. a lovely write up about a special fiber artist. thank you for a wonderful blog visit.

  10. Hi Lotta. Beautiful post. Beautiful work. Thanks very much for posting about India.

  11. India Flint has inspired and astonished me for several years now. Isn't she amazing? I especially love the fabric where you can see the leaf outlines. I hope you get into the class! That would be incredible!

  12. beautiful post...stunning fabrics and color,lotta~

  13. these are truly beautiful - I feel I could stitch surfaces for days. Thanks for sharing.

  14. wonderful images of her work - I would love to be in that workshop too. fingers crossed for you!

  15. I am sure her teaching classe must be an incredible experience ... hope you will get a seat

  16. Hi Lotta,
    We have met at the Barn Swallow. I am a friend of Janice's and I just want to let you know that I am taking the first session with India at Shakerag in June! I will be happy to report back after the fact!



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