Wednesday, July 21, 2010

queen anne's lace

The fields and road sides around town are dotted with this delightful weed, also called wild carrot. The sturdy stalks are proudly reaching for the sky and the delicate white flowers sway in the wind.

Queen Anne's lace is an excellent printing plant, occasionally a bit unpredictable, but most of the time its intricate impressions are amazingly clear and precise. The flowers and the seed heads need to be pressed for  about 24 hours before being used. Once two-dimensional it is easy to coat one side with paint and press onto fabric.

I love to include Queen Anne's lace in my work. The samples above are pieces in progress, but there are a couple of wall hangings available in the shop. Spotted, is a framed and glassed textile collage, and weedy delight is a small art quilt, both are putting this lacy plant center stage.


  1. those prints are wonderful ... i never thought of printing with "real" plants. but those outcomes are really convincing ...

    so beautiful!

    all the best

  2. Hi Lotta, I love the subtle color variations in these prints -- especially lovely on the linen. Looking forward to seeing what becomes of them. The finished pieces are beautiful.

  3. Really beautiful! Lovely compositions

  4. A favorite flower of mine - reminds me of being a kiddo. These pieces are so lovely!


  5. Be still, my heart. Queen Anne's Lace, how I adore thee! And it has never looked more beautiful than in your hands, Lotta :)

  6. Lotta, love the table runner (on your site) -- is it coming to the shop soon?

  7. Gorgeous, as ever.

    Happy belated birthday, Lotta!

  8. Wow, they do print beautifully! I remember my mother telling me that they were related to the carrot--I didn't believe her until she pulled one out of the ground and had me smell the root: smells like carrots!

  9. I love Queen Anne's Lace. They print so lovely! Beautiful

  10. Beautiful work, and it's wonderful to get a glimpse of your process!

  11. the flower looks wonderful in your work and much like you see it on the roadside. i'm always tempted to pick some, but that would be selfish.

  12. Hi Lotta,

    I just posted my nominations for the Versatile Blogger Award. I know you've been the previous recipient of numerous "awards." Still, I couldn't NOT nominate you!! Nevertheless, as far as I'm concerned, the award is yours to do with as you see fit. Many thanks for all the beauty you continue to bring forth. Best...Gloria

  13. A sa fint! Jag alskar 'hundkex'!
    Jag ar alltid sa overvaldigad over hur tydliga dina tryck ar. Sa vackara detaljer och sa mycket djup. Du ar verkligen duktig.

    Skulle vilja prata med did om vad det skulle kosta att bestalla servetter till min mamma. Nar du har tid.

    Kram kram
    x Charlotta

  14. Hej nu ar jag tillbaks har igen, och nu nar jag tittar pa sista bilden sa ser jag for mig lakan i denna design.
    En enfargad bas med en 'bord' langst upp med motiv av hundkex. Skulle inte det vara fint!?
    xx C

  15. I have always had a soft spot for Queen Ann's lace. When I was a very small girl, there were lots and lots of them around our house. I had no idea they could yield such beautiful prints!


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