Friday, December 31, 2010

wishing for peace and simplicity

All I want for 2011 is a more simple life. I wish to pare down and live uncluttered and sparse. I want my children to always be happy, and love to be easy and pure. I want open spaces and fresh air, home cooked meals, friendship, and laughter. I want to create my art for the pleasure of making. I wish for no more wants, or musts, or needs.

But life is never that uncomplicated. Cars break down, the milk runs out, and there is always dust bunnies in the corners. And then even worse – someone you love gets sick, the teenager rebels, and passions become lost among demands.

I promise to try. Try to slow down, reach out, and care more about things that really matter. I will share my abundance, and open my heart, and find that simplicity from within.

Thank you for being here, sharing your thoughts, and for your support! I hope the new year brings peace, happiness, health, and much creativity to all of you!


  1. Beautiful sentiments. Happy New Year, Lotta x

  2. Warm best wishes, Lotta. May your year be full of love and creativity.
    I may be working in Janice's studio next weekend!

  3. Lovely. i wish this for all of us. i just took a big breath and relaxed my shoulders. It's already happening!

    Happy New Year.

    xo Jane

  4. Thank you, Happy New Year from Paris.

  5. Indeed, indeed, lovely lady - I join you. Thanks for all the beauty you have shared this year, it has been a pleasure and a inspiration in the observation of nature's small delights.



  6. our wish list is so similar

  7. beautifully written!

    i'm trying to unclutter my life too. simplify. my new motto.

    all the best for 2011!

  8. And the same to you, Lotta!
    It has been such a pleasure to visit your blog this past year & I shall look forward to the next as well.

  9. Love your wishes. We had a water leak that forced us to totally clean out our attic right In the middle of the christmas "rush".....and I love it so much. All the extra "yuck" is gone....wanting that for the rest of my house....and life. :)
    Happy new year!

  10. a list of good things. may you find it becomes true this year that is, as yet, brand new.

  11. I too wish for similar thgings. happy new yearxlynda

  12. Thanks to you too.
    Happy begining of a successful 2011...and a simple, pure new year.

  13. I wish you an happy, sweet and creative new Year ...

  14. Lotta, may your wishes come for all of us too......

    Your blog is a reflection of all that you wish for......such a beautiful thing to look at and read!

    Happy New Year!

  15. yes, we have to take the good with the bad and if we can do it with grace, we're way ahead. hope 2011 brings you peace & simplicity. happy new year, lotta!

  16. you're right, lotta, it's all about slowing down and noticing.

  17. A lovely post, Lotta. The first paragraph is a perfect mantra for the new year. Wishing you a wonderful year of rich simplicity!


  18. I could subscribe to this.
    But perhaps the thing to learn is to step aside and look from a different position onto your "stream".Perhaps one is possible to sort things out and fully concentrate afterwards...
    I'll try that too!

  19. how did i miss this lovely wish ...
    i hope your new year is this way as well ... simple is a good thing


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