Thursday, July 14, 2011


One of my remedies for jet lag while traveling are long neighborhood walks. I often bring my camera along to caprture images, patterns, and textures, some of which make their way into my work. Here are samples from my first few days here in Malmö. We are having a great time with lots of relaxation, good food, and family love.


  1. That beautiful light! Hope you are enjoying!

  2. so glad see that you are having a nice visit ~ these are so pretty !

  3. oh so glad to find this lovely place
    you've built
    (thanks ELK)
    ...I enjoyed strolling alongside
    and sharing the beauty:)

  4. i love the purple flower photo :) and the idea of wandering around neighborhoods with the camera to relieve jet lag, i do that randomly when i feel like it, but i needed the added motivation to do it even when i don't feel like it, it always puts me in a better place ~ thanks for the gentle reminder :)

  5. I agree about walking with camera being a good antidoet to jet lag - your images are beautiful, very summery! -sus

  6. Beautiful patterns - Swedish, then?
    What a great eye for beauty.

  7. i love when patterns come together spontaneously. these are lovely. enjoy your weekend!

  8. lovely walks. i am not used to how long it takes to have a clear head post jet-lag. i like your advice. and good results.

  9. Hax I do the same thing. love your images. Have a great time and take loads of great images.x lynda


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