Tuesday, April 17, 2012

spring break

More time is elapsing between posts lately. I am busy working and thinking. Mostly thinking, as it seems that many recent ideas have stalled, while nagging questions pop up regarding creative focus and directions. I think I am in a rut – doubting where I am heading.

So instead of making much, I have spent time in the garden, cooked, travelled to our capitol, and watched my son's soccer games. I need a spring break, to reflect and to secure my footing. Things may continue to be a bit slow here, just for a short while.


  1. Lotta, it would seem we are in the same place at the moment. Only problem, I have been here since the beginning of the year! Enjoy your break x

  2. Take your time, enjoy it and say hello again when you are relaxed!

  3. Yeah... I've been in that place since the beginning of the year too! But a recent dose of the flu gave me the stillness I needed to find the solution... only thing is now I feel so far behind, it feels like it will be an age before I can catch up again if that makes sense but am happy to have a direction again and be able to start putting things in motion... hope the gardening brings the answers you are seeking.

  4. funny.......I just titled an entry 'spring break'.....I agree with the others.....I think this is a great time to pause..........

  5. Spring is a time for renewal. I hope you find the direction you are looking for in your garden around you! Lovely flower! (Is it a hellebore?) I'm off to see your garden! (Is that a plum tree?)Looks like you have plenty to inspire you!


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