Thursday, October 25, 2012

falling into place

Fall is finally here. The leaves are twirling in the air and coating the ground. The mornings are crisp and sweaters are brought out from storage. Personally it feels like pieces of my life are falling into place. I recently started a new job, or more accurately I restarted an old one. I am thrilled to be back with my friend Laura at Roseberries, and delighted to discover that my old skills are still intact. A bit of light dusting should be all that is needed.

While I am now devoting part of my week to graphic design work, the rest of my time is spent making art. Art that no longer is constricted by financial worries or seasonal production schedules. Art that will grow from within, following its own time table. Things are still hectic as I prepare for the upcoming Artisans Studio Tour, and for holiday sales, but by restructuring my time and my goals, I feel less pressured – contradictory as it may sound.

This week I played some more with walnuts, made magic iron potions, and stitched book covers. I am slowly, but surely cleaning out our house, organizing, sorting, and giving things away. The garden is still a mess, but even that feels less stressful at the moment. Life is good.

A few things on the horizon. The show "nature prints on cloth and paper" is still up at Over the moon bookstore, in Crozet. It will be there until December 6. Next week signals the start of the World of Threads Festival in Toronto/Oakville in Ontario. Two of my pieces are included in the De rerum natura exhibit at the Joshua Creek Heritage Art Center in Oakville. I wish I could travel to see this wonderful textile extravaganza in person! The Artisans Studio Tour, takes place November 10 - 11, in and around Charlottesville, Virginia. I will once again be a guest in Mary Beth Bellah's studio (no. 8), along with master woodworker Brian Rayner. It would be lovely to have you visit one or several of these events!


  1. It sounds as if everything is as it should be. Congratulations on your shows! I love your beautiful fabric leaf prints.

  2. How brave of you to change your life. I'm so very glad it's resulted in less stress. I'm still trying to work out how to do it so it's great to hear you're doing so well!c1isia

  3. Lotta, knowing you, your meticulous attention to detail and your talent for design, which shows in your work and on your are definately in your element with graphic design...... I predict not only will you earn a bit of extra cash, you will have fun....AND your clients will be SO does sound grand.....ox

  4. A) It is great that you are not feeling the pressure to make art to sell, but have returned to a 'job' which ironically frees you to create for yourself.

    B) I will see your work at World of Threads - I am heading there myself this Tuesday and will be in Oakville and Toronto for a week. I will look out for your work.

  5. Isn't it grand when things fall into the place they're meant to. I'm very happy for you.


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