Sunday, February 10, 2013

100 acts of sewing

Dress no. 4, 2013 and no. 75, 2012 by Sonya Philip ©Sonya Philip. 
All rights reserved.

Sonya Philip and her project "100 Acts of Sewing" is one of the main inspirations behind my recent decision to question my own clothes consumption and start making clothes again.

Dress no. 97, 2012 and no. 58, 2012 by Sonya Philip ©Sonya Philip. All rights reserved.
What began as a personal challenge for Sonya to make 100 dresses in a year, soon developed into a deeper exploration comparing making versus manufacturing. The purpose became not only to present the product of a year's labor, but to also expose the process, and in turn educate the audience. 

Dress no. 14, 2012 and no. 98, 2012 by Sonya Philip ©Sonya Philip. All rights reserved.
The project is now in its second year and while the dress making is continuing, Sonya is also exploring different sources of materials, from reused sweaters to reclaimed fabrics otherwise destined for the landfill. In addition she is teaching hands-on affordable workshops in the San Francisco area, hoping to instill a love and awareness for home made and altered clothing to more people, who in turn can engage others and share their knowledge. A true movement in the making!

Dress no. 8, 2013 and no. 5, 2013 by Sonya Philip ©Sonya Philip. All rights reserved.
One of the most important things about this project is how it demonstrates that sewing and making clothes does't need to be complicated or time consuming. Although Sonya works with several dress patterns, most of them are really simple and manageable. Many of the dresses consist of just a few seams and a hem.

Work by Sonya Philip ©Sonya Philip. All rights reserved.
"100 acts of sewing" is only one of several creative projects Sonya Philip has launched in recent years. She is a self-taught artist who practices what she calls "conceptual craft." One of my favorites is the series called "ordinary objects" where she by applying knitting to the surfaces, brings the most mundane of mass-produced objects to life. More examples of her beautiful art can be found at

Work by Sonya Philip ©Sonya Philip. All rights reserved.


  1. Nice post Lotta. I have visited Sonja Philip's blog and am reminded of my projects of 100's....and thoughts of new sewing projects are swirling in my head.....

  2. I love the idea of a challenge turning into something else entirely! Fabulous!

  3. Thank you for your post Lotta. I wasn't familiar with Sonja. What very interesting and innovative work.

  4. I have admired Sonja's work for a while now, having followed her on flickr for a few years. Thanks for sharing her with your readers. It's great to see others enjoy her work too.


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