Monday, March 4, 2013

shadow play

Making images using sunshine as a catalyst is just fascinating. True to form I am stumbling along learning as I go, after ordering some inks from Lumi. None of my first attempts were stellar, but I am slowly grasping the idea. I am already thinking about how this could be tweaked and improved to fit in with my esthetics and color preferences. I am not one to go the straight and narrow route.

One of my concerns about the inkodye is the chemical make up of the dye. Lumi is straight forward on its website, claiming that these inks are not free of toxins but still rather benign in the big scope of things. Anyhow, playing with these dyes will most likely be just play, and not something I would do seriously for extensive production.

While working on the correct ink coverage and exposure times I also discovered some true light and shadow play in my back yard. Almost as intriguing, I think.


  1. i love the print of hardware cloth on cloth, weave on weave.

  2. Are we detecting a hint of spring? Nice. Still too cold here to do much more outside than take a hike or rake the beds.......for that I am grateful.

  3. When I was in Florida, I tried to use the shadows of leaves to make marks with the seta color inks. It the shadows moved to fast...
    I like your experiments. We are all moved by watching leaf shadows and yours are most pleasant.

  4. thanks for this, Lotta. With a day full of real sunshine here, I found myself noticing shadows, too. Wish I had some of this dye to fool around with as it is supposed to be sunny again tomorrow. (The hardware cloth is brilliant). -sus

  5. hi lotta don't know if you have this info already but you can do this "printing" with plant dyes - its called Anthotypes and there is more about it - jo in NZ

    1. Jo, that sounds amazing. Thank you for the link - I will definitely look into this.

  6. I can imagine how spectacular it is seeing the end products. I love the grid you used! That creates a whole new level of texture!

  7. natural shadow melts my heart
    each time i see...
    pretty aren't they!
    enjoy the sunny day.


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