Tuesday, May 14, 2013

until then…

I am here to say goodbye and hello—all in the same breath. This blog is moving house and I hope you will come along for the ride.

The new blog now resides with my website. Besides the new home, much will stay the same. I will still write about my work, inspirations, and life. I will share photos, information, and ideas.

This blog has brought me so much joy throughout the years. Many friendships have been forged thanks to its existence. My intent is to continue to make it a source of inspiration and beauty, and I encourage you to visit its new site often to join the conversation. Until then…


  1. Hi lotta ... i tried to post this at your new blog but it asks me for a password so i cannot get in ...

    congratulations on your lovely looking new website and blog ... happy to find i can copy/paste your blog into my reader so i dont miss a thing. good luck with it all >>> Gina www.fynearts.com.au


I always love to hear from you! I read every word and cherish every thought, even if I am not always able to reply back. Thank you for visiting.

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