Saturday, February 28, 2009


This weekend I received this beautiful leaf garland in the mail from Isabelle of Lou & Tom. Her generous gift is now hanging by the window in my studio, slowly twirling, reminding me of kindred creative spirits and friendship. Thank you Isabelle! I am also grateful for Mrs. French's wonderful post about my work this past week on bliss. So thankful my friend.


  1. The leaf paper garland made a long journey. I'm so proud of her new home, it could not be a better place for a leaf ...

  2. Your blog is beautiful and The Isabelle's present is so nice.
    Sorry but my english is bad.

  3. such a pretty gift lotta--so perfect for your style i thought you had made it!
    and traci's post was perfect--you are so talented---

  4. Really lovely present. Lucky you...

  5. I've discover your work about leaves thanks to isabelle,
    I love what you do !
    and her présent is in the same spirit of this !
    sorry for my
    approximate english ;-(


I always love to hear from you! I read every word and cherish every thought, even if I am not always able to reply back. Thank you for visiting.

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