Tuesday, February 3, 2009

winter wonder

We woke up to more snow this morning. Wet and heavy, engulfing the neighborhood. Everything seems so pristine after a snowfall. This month I am starting two new partnerships. I am collaborating with Karen Young and her newly launched show:room, where she will promote independent artists and designers. Karen's own line Hammocks & High Tea is part of this small but talented group of eco conscious creative businesses. I have also placed my first ever sponsor ad on bliss. I can't imagine a better venue than Mrs. French's lovely blog, and I am proud to be a bliss supporter.


  1. Lotta

    Yes, it was a lovely morning, had I left the dorm earlier, I would have gone back for my camera. The sun was so pretty as it melted the snow.


  2. What a beautiful morning! I love opening up your blog, it's so soothing and calm. Very tranquil. I saw your sponsorship icon up on Mrs. French's blog, how exciting!

  3. Hi there! I read your interview on Craft Synergy...wow. I love your stuff! Great blog too. Just thought I would say "hi" while I was in the neighborhood! =)

  4. What absolutely stunning pictures. Our day is not unlike that here this morning. We live back in some woods and I love looking up.


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