Tuesday, September 8, 2009

fall pillows

The weather is getting cooler in my part of the world. I am always looking forward to fall, with its crisp air and beautiful colors. The next few months will be busy in the inleaf studio. I have three big events lined up, starting with a solo show at the Barn Swallow in October. More details will be posted shortly. In the meantime new work is gradually listed in the inleaf shop. The seedpods + seams pillow is now available in natural linen and dark brown, as well as the original sea foam blue. I love the texture of the linen used for this pillow and the way the pin tuck seams mirrors the stems of the seedpods.

A warm thank you to Sandra of Pepperberry & Co who posted a long interview with me today. There is a giveaway as well, so I encourage you to head over for a visit.


  1. love these pillows! i love fall too.

    your short hair is very nice!

  2. these are beautiful.

  3. Very nice stuff.
    Take a look at my site! I am following you now.

  4. Your work is just beautiful, Lotta..! I am inspired - thank you.

  5. Beautiful work!
    Warm autumn colours.

  6. Your work is gorgeous! I love the natural beauty of them.

  7. Lotta, just stunning work as always! You are soooo talented my dear blog friend! Cyber hug, Mon.

  8. Hej Lotta,
    Thank you for your beautiful work - I've admired your prints and printing techniques for years - being a Swedish transplant myself and sharing a love for all things textile! Thank you for carrying on our incredible Swedish textile craft heritage!


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