Tuesday, September 22, 2009

flower power

Photos courtesy of Bornay © Bornay

Through the beautiful blog world I have discovered two remarkable floral designers. Both of them have their own distinct style, with simplistic design and striking color combinations as a common theme.

Fàtima, and her design company Bornay creates scrumptious arrangements and event concepts in Barcelona, Spain. The images she uses to promote her work, as sampled above, are equally delicious. They make me want to grab her bouquets by the armful and linger in their freshness and earthy scent. Unfortunately that is not possible for most of us, so I suggest following Fàtima's artistic endeavors through her blog.

Denise Fasanello is a floral designer from Brooklyn, New York, who specializes in wedding arrangements with a modern twist, beautifully illustrated below. Simplicity and unusual plant materials signifies her work. I would love to surround myself with her stylish compositions as well... Denise also has a wonderful blog, where she shares samples of her work mixded with her inspirations, finds, and musings.

Thank you Fàtima and Denise for brightening my life from afar...

Photos courtesy of Denise Fasanello © Denise Fasanello


  1. OMG! I love these arrangements! Almost feel I need to get married again (same hubby though!)!! I drool over these images. Just take a look at no. 1! Ahhh. Thank you for sharing, Lotta!

  2. the bouquets are gorgeous! i love denise's work and blog. the photo of the dogwoods with the bridge in the background is great!

  3. what wonderful jobs people have. to "play" with flowers all day...

  4. thanks for sharing these 2 great links !!

  5. Oh, my, that fist photograph...! Funny thing...of course I love the flower arrangements, but I also find that I am completely drawn to the background in these photos, as well: the chipped steps, the peeling paint, the textured wall, the subway tile... Beautiful work all around... Thanks for sharing these, Lotta.

  6. I love those flower arrangements...I would get married (if I could find with who) just for that.

  7. Just found your blog and I love it! This post on the floral arrangements is simply gorgeous. I am absolutely astounded when someone is this talented with florals...a knack I do not have. Thanks for sharing!

  8. All of these pictures are incredible, but that first one just made my heart skip a beat. It almost seems like a deeper, darker beauty...if that makes any sense! Thanks for my dose of beauty for the day :)

  9. these are gorgeous. simple beauty to cheer up one's day. thanks for the links. i'm struck by the very first image, dense and textured blooms in whisper blush hues. dreamy.

    and i truly appreciate your post below on self promotion. a difficult task to keep up. would love to ponder the thought with you...back in touch soon.

  10. Thank you so much for the post! I am honored to be featured with the super talented Fatima!

  11. Yes you can almost smell these - wow - the colors are so beautiful!

  12. Oh, how simply lovely. I love the bouquet in the photo three from the bottom. Makes me want to reach through the screen and breathe it in.

  13. Thank you Lotta for this nice post in your lovely blog! what a surprise!
    "super talented"??? me?? woooooww!!! nooooo....the pleasure it's mine to be mentioned next to you Denise, really.

  14. AMAZING! What fantastic creations - the colours, textures and general composition!
    I wish I had a hundred rooms to fill with fresh flowers - I love love love them.

    Great find and thank you for sharing. I will check in on these from here on.



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