Saturday, May 22, 2010

swedish treats

These goodies arrived yesterday. Zoega is my favorite coffee brand and the marabou chocolate is to die for. The flaggpunsch is delicious as a sweet after dinner drink, served really cold in shot glasses. The people who brought us the Swedish treats are special too. My mom and sister are here for a two week plus stay. I am delighted to see them again and look forward to long scrumptious meals, garden excursions, stitching sessions, dog walks, and happy companionship.


  1. Oh, dear Lotta, that makes me so happy!! Enjoy the time with your family, dear!


  2. enjoy these delicious moments ...

  3. What a beautiful photograph of your mum and sister. And I love marabou chocolate.

  4. Do enjoy. I'm already happy just hearing what you'll be doing and doing it with your beautiful family. Hope the sun shines on you.

  5. have a wonderful visit - when my mom visits from France - she brings a whole suitcase full of goodies for us.

  6. wow, lotta, life is gooooood.

  7. Say hello to your beautiful Mom and sister! Any news for me? I will call you when you no longer have company.

    ox, Mon

  8. How lovely that they are there visiting - and that they brought treats from the motherland.

    Enjoy and suck up the love. It's divine.

    xx Charlotta

  9. I absolutely adore the last image in this post, bellissima!


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