Wednesday, September 14, 2011

all done

Remember this, almost exactly a year ago? Well it is all done, just in time for cooler weather. This is my first completed knitting project in over 20 years. I am bursting with pride. I love the design of this sweater. It is simple, the wool is exceptionally soft, and the color is perfect. The roll neck is fun, and there is this little fleck of pure black in the yarn on the front that exemplifies the imperfection of hand craft. The only problem is that it is about 1/2 size to small. Just slightly too short, and a bit snug over the shoulders. It will not prevent me from wearing it, but I will be more careful with measurements in the future (all you knitting experts out there, feel free to jump in at any time...)

Clothing, fashion, and the way we dress ourselves is on my mind. I am in the midst of India Flint's book Second skin which offers plenty of wisdom. I also recently learned about Rebecca Burgess' Fibershed  a wonderful project that highlights the need for more thoughtful local textile production (via Kathryn Clark's beutiful blog). Then there are creative companies like Alabama Chanin and Imogene + Willie, who strive to produce their beautiful clothing with local labor and materials. But they are the exception and not the norm. I wish there was a realistic way to commit to wearing only domestic and hand crafted clothes. I will ponder this and return to the subject, I promise. For now I think this lovingly hand knitted sweater is a good start.


  1. I'm not a knitting expert, but I think it might be possible to "block" the sweater to a slightly larger size -- may be worth investigating this, if it will make it a more comfortable size to wear, after all the love and effort you've put into it. It's beautiful!

  2. Gorgeous! Love the neck. I did wonder if you had ever finished it.

    I have just been catching up with your posts - lots of luck with the teaching. Would love to take your class.

  3. this is my kind of sweater *sigh* love the clour and the style :)

  4. Very elegant and universal... if you are only going to knit one thing in two decades, it is the perfect choice. Luanne is right, you could probably steam block to get a bit looser fit. You can pin it down to the measurements you want on a cardboard fabric cutting board, cover with a nice thick towel and very gently steam iron, just above the surface. It will dry and stay a bit larger.

  5. i love this elegant and classic sweater. it's really lovely. the local textile thing has been on my mind, ever since i discovered natural fibers in the early 70s. you wouldn't believe how hard it was to find 100% linen, cotton, wool in my area. even in design school-

  6. The sweater looks great! I have knitted lots of things but sweaters only for my little nephews and never a big one for me. But I imagine how good this sweater must feel wearing it. It looks cosy and classy at the same time.



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