Friday, November 18, 2011

pecan love story - weekly bundles no. 9

My infatuation with the pecan leaves continues. This time I used fallen leaves from a couple of trees in our neighborhood. They were yellow, withered, and tattered. But the prints still turned out beautiful. The long wool piece was previously dyed with eucalyptus, and had a wonderful coral hue before being bundled up and simmered in the iron pot. The leaves turned a rich gold color on the thick silk organza and muted brown on the linen. Both kinds of fabric squares were layered with the leaves between glass plates and clamped tight. The paper prints were done on thin craft paper that my art store uses for wrapping – I love the faint imprints and the tissue like quality of the paper.

pecan on eucalyptus dyed wool jersey, simmered in iron pot. 

pecan on linen, pretreated with alum and soy milk

Pecan on silk organza, simmered in iron pot. 

Pecan on craft wrapping paper, simmered in iron pot.

You probably have realized by now that the weekly bundles no longer are that weeekly. It was a bit ambitious for someone who only blogs once a week on average anyways. I will continue, and I will still tag and call these posts weekly bundles, but they will not appear as regularly as I first intended.

Lastly, a brief sum up of some of the fun I've had the last few weeks. My days on the farm were amazing with spectacular weather, lovely companions (bovine, feline, canine, and human), and lots of work produced. This past weekend's Artisan Studio Tour was a great success. Both of my new books were snatched up, and I also sold a few wall hangings and met many, many lovely and interesting people. Thank you to all who stopped by!


I always love to hear from you! I read every word and cherish every thought, even if I am not always able to reply back. Thank you for visiting.

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