Wednesday, November 30, 2011

rushing and running

My life is mostly a blur these days. Much to do, so little time. Running over here then dashing over there. And the to-do-list is growing miles long. Here is a sample in no particular order: caring for a feverish boy, filling post-thanksgiving orders, setting up the studio for first friday, book keeping, continue the page design for our family history book project, vet visit, making inventory for craftacular the weekend after next, cleaning the shower (yes, it is really needed), finding a wholesale source for moleskine books, buying more thread, sending baby gifts to the Martz twins, dinner for tonight (and tomorrow), finish Jane's pillow. Well it goes on.

So I decided to take a break and took my camera out in the garden, looking for the little things and the big, wanting a different perspective. This is what I found. Beauty all around.

last rose of the season

forgotten string in the kitchen garden

everlasting beech leaves

vivd color – osage orange

vivid color – burning bush

the oak tree reminding me about what's next

buds holding the secret of spring


  1. Some beautiful finds for your camera, Lotta. The eyeball as stress reliever - I like it! xxoo, sus

  2. beautiful. how do our list get so crAZy this time of year?

  3. you are so busy, glad it's mostly good things. love your snaps, especially the pink rose.


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